Our Products

Fine Art paper

We set out our mission to find papers that can stand the test of time, shows amazing print and artistic quality in terms of textures, weight, strength, colours and shades. We short-listed 8, tested 6 of them, and finally settled on this one. It is a 100% cotton paper that is museum quality. According to print permanence ratings and following their storage guidelines, the prints should stand over 100 years before noticeable fade and change in colour balance. It is selected to hold those special moments, occasions, travels; for the special loved ones, and for the family legacy.

Professional paper

Because we are photographers too, so we know the quality that we are after, for the everyday memories. These high quality lustre paper that is used by many professional photographers.

Wooden frames & displays

We like a lot of Tasmanian woods, but also from New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia. We love nature and forests, and believe that they need to be protected and treasured. As such we try our best to source from woods from fallen trees, or responsible plantations.

Lifetime Guarantee

All of our custom-made frames are entitled to a Lifetime Guarantee.

We guarantee the craftmanship of our custom-made frames for a lifetime, meaning that if the joinery of the frames come apart, or other craftmanship related issues, we will fix them for you for free.  We ask that you send the frame to us, and we will send the repaired frame back to you.  Please email us some photos and a description of the issue to info@theauthentic.com.au for more information.

Please note that the above excludes accidental damages such as scratched or broken glass, and / or twisted or broken frame.