Tasmanian Myrtle wood grain-The Authentic

Tasmanian Myrtle

Tasmanian Myrtle is a dominant species of the cool temperate rainforest, found in the north-west and west of the state, though small communities thrive on the Tasman Peninsula and South Bruny Island. It can attain heights of up to 50m and ages in excess of 500 years.

A striking wood with rich red, brown, and almost orange tones and makes an excellent finishing timber, it is believed the richness of colour comes from the quality of the organic soil it grows in. The deepest red myrtle comes from highly fertile soils on basalt. The colour is vibrant, combining subtle variations in tone with the texture and sheen of wavy and fiddleback features to produce a surface alive with character and individuality. Taking a deep lustre when polished, Myrtle is prized by architects and furniture makers alike.

Material type: Wood

Our products with Tasmanian Myrtle

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