About The Authentic

The Authentic creates timeless gifts that connect you to the past – allowing you to relive those moments of joy, no matter the time, space or distance. We believe that memories have textures, weights, shades and colours, and only through the sense of touch, that we are able to reconnect.

We decided to create exquisite fine art quality prints, couple with handcrafted wooden frame – each piece of wood handpicked, and each frame is unique – to compliment the beauty and individuality of each memory it holds.

When together, our ageless fine print art,
with our durable, solid handmade wooden photo frames and displays,
we can capture those precious memories and make them last a lifetime.

So you can finally hold those special moments, for now and for always!

About The Team

The Authentic is a small collective of wood work artists, photographers and designers based in Australia.
We love nature, animals, family, and our work, and find endless inspiration from them all.
The sense of touch, sight and sounds are acutely important to us in the creative work we undertake.
We are quiet people who love to use our hands and our minds creatively.
We see life quite simply: authentic and beautiful.

Ken, the Creator
Ken, the Creator

~ woodwork artist, photographer, designer, thinker

I have always admired wood – the beauty of the grain, its colours, its aroma, its texture; its strength, its story and its history. Courting this relationship took a long time. I have a background in design and photography, and being in Australia 3 years ago, the opportunity to finally work on wood became a reality.

For many years, my wife has been saying I should have been a sculptor, because I like to spend time to perfect my work – in whatever I do. I hope in the years to come, I will be able to craft many creative, good quality, beautiful and meaningful work for you to enjoy and treasure.

Carmen, the Dreamer
Carmen, the Dreamer

~ thinker, soul searcher, communicator, caretaker

Since I was young, I loved to hug trees. I felt their strength and protection. Now, I think they have souls, just like us. Going into the bush and forest, touching the tree trunks, roots, branches, leaves – I can feel their souls. Walking amongst them cleanses me, clarifies my thoughts, refreshes my soul – I am found again.

Coming from concrete forests, all the above are newly discovered. I used to seek the universal truth for brands; now I pursue the greatness of The Authentic.

Joyce, the Realist
Joyce, the Realist

~ tech nerd, artist, health food advocate, qi gong healer

I loved drawing and design – back then, I was the artist of the family. IT had been my new language of expression for many years. I have waited for the opportunity to finally combine my art & design interest with technology in design & development of websites. My latest interest, however, is user experience. In my up time (ie when I am not in front of devices), you will see me dancing my qi gong.

I love the abundance of wood colours & their textures producing uniqueness to each product made with wood and it is always a pleasure to be the first few to see / review the new product(s) and creativity of The Authentic.