We Cherish the Power of Memories

The kind that warm us up from the inside, bringing laughter, tears of joy or nostalgia. Those special seconds of happiness, captured in the moment and forever treasured afterwards. We have been building designs to celebrate those moments, creating individually solid, high-quality, handmade wooden photo frames and displays. Created to last, holding those precious times close by, so we can relive the moment whenever we decide.

Fine Art Photo Print & Handmade Wooden Photo Frames

Our fine art photo prints have beautiful textures and weight, they show shades and colours, to match with the beautiful solid wood grain from numerous Australian solid woods such as Tasmanian Blackwood, Myrtle, Australian Sassafras, Spotted Gum that are handmade into wooden photo frames and displays. They are designed to connect you, move you, inspire you.

Fine Art Photo Print - The Authentic-The Authentic
Tasmanian Blackwood
Tasmanian Myrtle
Tasmanian Blackheart Sassafras
Western Australian Jarrah

Wooden Handmade Gifts for him and for her

Whatever moment you wish to cherish, we have created handcrafted designs that survive a lifetime.
Christmas Gift Weddings Gift Birthday Gift Graduation Gift Housewarming Gift Valentines Gift Unique Gift
Or a way to ignite the nostalgia of a beautiful time in the past like,
The First Moments of a Newborn Child
Special occasions of Self Accomplishments
Simple but Heartwarming Family Gatherings
Our timeless designs are perfect for every occasion!

For the someone special, choose a unique and personalized handmade gift from our collection of display and print products,
we will gift wrap those precious memories, add your warm wishes to the FREE Greeting or Message card to be delivered directly, Australia & overseas!

Who do you want to connect and share with this season?

1 Session storage used, we do not store the data with us. For further information, please read The Authentic's Privacy Policy

Handmade Wooden Photo Frames / Displays

Each of the frames and displays show their unique wood grain, just as how special your memories are.

Print Products

We offer both fine art photo prints that are archival quality and professional quality everyday print products, so that you can connect with the special someone those precious memories.

Lovingly made with patience, by The Authentic, in Australia

Who are we?

The Authentic is a small collective of wood work artists, photographers and designers based in Australia. We share a philosophy that the most authentic beauty of life,
is found in the everyday, and the special moments of joy, accomplishments and new beginnings.

We believe that these moments are what make life the most beautiful!
They are what make all the hard times worthwhile.

So it became our vision to create something that could masterfully capture the moment.
A way to display the extraordinary times of our lives.
Allowing us to relive the nostalgia of it whenever we so choose.

We wanted to design something unique, that could hold and protect our most special moments!
That was how The Authentic was born.